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Cat Ba Climbing is dedicated to improving the climbing community by developing and creating more climbing areas and routes available for every one. Some crags are located on private property and with respect,
100% of access pass fees go straight back to the owners. Crags located in National Park areas and government land are freely available to be accessed by everyone, you can not be denied access if you have paid the general National Park access fees.

If you have had previous experience in bolting and want to assist with developing new routes in one of many of Cat Ba Climbings crags, we encourage you to help expand the huge rock climbing potential in the area. (Your experience and knowledge will be assessed before bolting is permitted.)

CB Climbing only uses the following items when bolting and maintaining:

  • 12mm x 100mm Grade 8 or higher stainless steel expansion bolts
  • Stainless steel hangers (Metolius, Petzl, Fixi)
  • 10mm stainless steel glue bolts
  • Hilti 500 Full Epoxy Resin Glue
  • Inox D8 stainless steel quick links
  • 12mm ring anchors (Fixi, Petzl)

(Titanium Glue in bolts are the future, and as bolts expire they will be replaced as such.)

Bolting Fund
Cat Ba Climbing prides itself on ensuring the safety of newly bolted climbs and also the up keep and maintenance of existing routes, however the correct tools and equipment come at a cost. If you would like to help out and donate to the Cat Ba Climbing bolting fund, please click on the "Donate" button to donate via Paypal.
Every little bit counts!

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