Cat Ba Crags

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Climbing on Cat Ba Island

The climbing areas around Cat Ba are all privately owned

or require access through private land and therefore require an access pass.
The proceeds of these passes to the Land Owners and continued upkeep

of the area including bolting, with the aim to make Cat Ba a place for the whole climbing community to enjoy.

Hidden Valley

Even if you are not a rock climber, Hidden Valley will take your breath away.

Just a quick 3 minute motorbike ride or a 15 minute walk from Cat Ba town is Hidden Valley.

With the traditional name of Ang Va, the Hidden Valley is one of the most pristine areas

on the island and the newest climbing spot on Cat Ba Island.

The valley wall is a cut of superb limestone with featured vertical walls,

teared overhangs to name a few, with over 33 sport routes and unique bouldering cave

with small bouldering pad provided. Climbing grades range from 4+ to 7b + .

Thus there are plenty of routes for climbers of all levels.

Hidden Valley  | Directions 
Coming out of the Cat Ba Climbing office proceed to the hill from the front of the harbor.

Follow the road around the right and take the first left. At the intersection make another turn.

Take the fourth street on your right (there is a small painted sign) and then the 2nd alley

on your right. Follow this to the end and you will see the private home at the end of the dirt.

You may park your bike inside the gates at the Hidden Valley Entrance, house number 45.

Travel Time 5 min by motorbike
Access Pass Free Pass, to be purchased at the Cat Ba Climbing Office
Number of routes 33 and rising
Grade range 4+ to 7b + Cat Ba Climbing can cung you with an up to date route guide for free.

Alternatively view link:

Mit Beach

+ Nearly half-a-dozen bolted sport routes await at a nearby beach in Lan Ha Bay

+ Grades range from about 5a to 6b


+ Beginners are welcome to enjoy the aesthetic climbing in a sublime location about 30 minutes from Cat Ba


Alternatively view link :,desc


Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley or Lien Minh by its Vietnamese name is the oldest and currently the most developed climbing crag on Cat Ba Island.

Containing over 50 routes spanning all styles and Grades and receives sun for most of the morning.

The crag is located 20 minutes by motorbike from Cat Ba Town and access passes are required to enter this private property.

Butterfly Valley  | Directions

From Cat Ba Climbing, head right at the main street and take your first right heading out of town.

At the T-intersection turn left and follow this road until it splits left onto a road under construction.

Theo khi road until it splits again, keep right at this point where the road becomes concrete.

Drive up and down the road for approximately 2.3kms and take a left turn where a small climbing sign directs you.

Follow the signs to "The Hive". You will be able to see the wall from the village, its just a short walk to the crag.
Travel Time 20 min by motorbike.
Access Pass is purchased at Asia Outdoors Store
Number of routes 50+
Grade range 4+ to 8a +

Cat Ba Climbing can provide you with up to date tour guides for free, alternatively view the following link: ROUTE GUIDE

Buddha Cave
The Buddha Cave is a beautiful piece of rock overlooking the Ba Ba Town
and is completely sheltered from the rain.
As its name suggests, there is also a small meditation area (off limits to the climbing) which has a small shrine.
There are a small amount of climbs here in grades ranging from 5b to 7b. 

Cat Ba Climbing can provide you with up to date tour guides for free, alternatively view the following link: Buddha Cave  | Directions

The B. Cave is approximately 1.5kms out of Cat Ba Town.

Coming out of CB Climbing, take a right turn to the main street and take the next street on your right.

At the T-intersection turn left. Turn right through the arch, immediately after the vegetable market

and opposite the primary school. Drive down and around to the right of the house to the right of 50.

This crag is located on the Government land, however, to access you must pass through the private property.

An access pass is required for the owner to let you through. The owner will show you the beginning of the path to the crag.
Travel Time 5 minutes by motorbike.
Access Pass is purchased directly at the owner's land house
Number of routes 7 and rising
Grade range 5b to 7b
Cat Ba Climbing can provide you with up to date tour guides for free, alternatively view the following link:   ROUTE GUIDE

Bay Climbs

The following climbs are all located in Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (National Park).

To access the crags you will require a boat or kayak. There are several bolted climbs that we have not mentioned below.

If you come across other lines in the area bolted, please be sure to check the quality of the bolts as

we can not confirm the age and maintenance history as Halong Bay's marine environment can corrode most limestone Quickly bolts.

The Face

The face is a small island with a sheer wall which features in many climbing magazines

and National Geographic guides. It consists of two main climbs, and 7a + and 7b, and a bolted scramble (5b) for photo opportunities. 

A basket boat takes around 90-120 minutes to reach the wall and is not recommended in rough seas. 

Cat Ba Climbing can provide you with up to date tour guides for free, alternatively view the following linkROUTE GUIDE

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